Sometimes I like to view the internet as one big, infinitely-faceted image filter. Photos enter at one end, as light turned into bits by a digital sensor. From there, the number of transformations that can happen before output, when the image, (again in the form of light) enters the eyeballs of the viewer and gets soaked up by the brain, is seemingly limitless. (It’s still shocking to me sometimes to stop and think about how incredibly similar the mechanics of digital photography are to our own biological sense of sight). Contexts can be added or taken away as images make their journey through the web, taking on different meanings and tones at every turn. On the excellent Rhizome blog today (by way of the Tumblr Prosthetic Knowledge), I came across the work of painter Enda O’Donoghue, and it got me thinking of all the layers of information a photographic image can carry today, and what happens to them when they take shape in another medium entirety.